Men's Club Champions

The Bagley trophy is awarded to the Duluth Curling Club Men’s Champions, determined by a tournament among all men’s teams in all leagues at the end of the year. Below is a list of the past Men’s Champions of the Duluth Curling Club.

1909 W.B. Dunlop, H.H. Dinam, A.J. Wasgatt, Ed Walker
1910 James McLennan, Chas McLennan, William White, Ned Congdon
1911 R.J. MacLeod, D.W. Stocking, Thomas Gibson, G.H. Spencer
1912 S. Cleveland, C.S. Parsons, J.J. Foreman, G.D. Milligan
1913 E.N. Whyte, Chas D. Brewer, Dr. N. H. Gillespie, Ralph Pineo
1914 R.D. Bradley, S. Cleveland, R.W. Bishoff, R. J. Chrudinsky
1915 C.D. Brewer, E.N. Whyte, R.H. Pinneo, C.R. McLean
1916 A.S. Dunning, F.G, Cowan, John D. Jenswold, Wm. Hilber
1917 John G. Ross, G.A.E. Finlayson, John Barnett, E.J. McLeod
1918 R.S. Wharton, Gerald Prince, H.D. Grant, B.E. Dunlop
1919-1920 Missing Information
1921-1922 C.R. Berini, Geo D. Milligan, E.M. Pattison, A.F. Grosse
1922-1923 J.C. Johnson, E.M. Gemmel, E.M. Spearin, W.W. Burlingame Lingame
1923-1924 Jas Falconer, H.O. Holm, Culver Dunlop, Norman Macrae
1924-1925 D. Scanlon, D. Wade, A.H. Lord, Vic Olson
1925-1926 Alex Donald, Jack Campbell, Sam Altman, Alex Garish
1926-1927 Arthur Anderson, Ernest Anderson, H.J. Rennell, Alex Garish
1927-1928 Elmer Whyte, John Whyte, Leo Avermiller, Robert Gran
1928-1929 thru 1946-1947 Missing Information
1947-1948 Vern Falgren, H.J. Lynch, C.J. Maher, W.L. Thunstedt
1948-1949 Fred Sahlberg, Jimmy Schaefer, Jack Gerard, Bob Torbol
1949-1950 Oscar Ulvang, Bob Magie Sr., Larry Flint, Elvin Hildebrand
1950-1951 Bill Hatch, Denny Bergstrom, Jim Anderson, Gordon Ole
1951-1952 Oscar Ulvang, Larry Flint, Percy Dunbar, Jack Anderson
1952-1953 Bill Hatch, Chet Maher, Dick Skadberg, Bill Stephenson
1953-1954 Oscar Ulvang, James Olson, Herbert Hoene, Paul Maxwell
1954-1955 Al Robb, Rudy Sebo, Art Clure, Clayton Toms
1955-1956 Ed Nicholaison, Jim Olson, Bud Pinney, Norman Ledeen
1956-1957 Bill Hatch, Robert VanHoven, Andrew G. Andrews, Roger Aanonsen
1957-1958 James Olson, Frankie Taran, Harvey Marshall, Al Dravland
1958-1959 Warren Tyacke, Francis McCall, Donald Olson, Maurice Bartell
1959-1960 Bruce Tyacke, Joe Miroslavich, Guy B. Olson, Ronald Carter
1960-1961 Rod Peterson, Bob Burke, Jim Larson, Cal Peterson
1961-1962 Missing Information
1962-1963 Virgil Fisher, Jim Rutherford, Ernie Grams, Warren Miller
1963-1964 Ralph Olson, Rudy Sebo, Donald Long, Joel Long
1964-1965 W.R. McEwen, Howard Stickney Jr., Duane Hendricksen, Jeff Peterson
1965-1966 J. E. Anderson, Knobby Clark, Gordon Everett, Richard Isackson
1966-1967 Ed Peterson, Byron Anderson, Art Gustafson, Harold Anderson
1967-1968 Bob Martinson, Steve Senich, Bill Swanson, Britt Payne
1968-1969 Britt Payne, Dave Erholtz, Bruce Brown, Dayton Nelson
1969-1970 James Anderson, William Symons, Walter Peterson, Dobby Messina
1970-1971 Larry Rappana, Jerry Noreen, Ron Welhaven, Roger Tostrop
1971-1972 Britt Payne, David Erholtz, Robert Martinson, Gerald Strum
1972-1973 Dr. Richard Fisher, Richard LeBean, Calvin Peterson, Ronald Johnson
1973-1974 Carl Sandahl, Ray Rantala, Xavier Mattei, Robert McDonald
1974-1975 Frank Taran, Dale Taran, Charles Clark, Seth Taran
1975-1976 Dan O’Leary, Gary Carlson, Tom George, Tim Whalen
1976-1977 Bob Martinson, Britt Payne, Jerry Strum, Bob Nylen
1977-1978 Bruce Roberts, Steve Molick, Bob Pavich, Gerald Brown
1978-1979 Bob Magie III, Daryl Krause, Steve Nelson, Bob Nylen
1979-1980 Bruce Roberts, Ron Welhaven, Terry Brown. Tom Brozic
1980-1981 Bob Magie III, Jon Medure, Bob Nylen, Dick Lebeau
1981-1982 Dean Birman, Bill Young, D. Anderson, Mike Murray
1982-1983 Jon Medure, Kevin Kemp, Bill Westin, Bill Roach
1983-1984 Doug Cameron, Sam Perrella III, Dave Johnson, Jim Olson
1984-1985 Bob Magie III, Bob Martinson, Jerry Strom, Bob Nylen
1985-1986 John Brown, Nathan Olson, Jerry Brown, Grady Brown
1986-1987 Seppo Sormunen, Daryl Carlson, Lee Leksell, Scott Haats-Poupore
BagleyTrophy21987-1988 Jon Medure, Kevin Kemp, Bill Westin, Bill Roach
1988-1989 Ron Gervais, J. Osbakken, Mark Pedersen, Jim Pedersen
1989-1990 Al Merry Jr., Jim Turchi, Al Merry, Scott Kenner
1990-1991 Tom George, Bob Christman, Cub Olson, Harley Johnson
1991-1992 Bob Magie III, Britt Payne, Dave Erholtz, Terry Henry, Jerry Strum
1992-1993 Mike Britton, Mike Olson, Dave Running, Mike Marquardt
1993-1994 Bob Magie III, Britt Payne, Terry Henry, Jeff Anderson, Dave Erholtz
1994-1995 Ross Litman, Mike Olson, Jim Turchi, Mike Marquardt
1995-1996 Jon Medure, Bill Roach, Mark Shubert, Jeff Struermer, Tom Brozic
1996-1997 Seppo Sormunen, Dave Bopp, Don Lemmerman, Scott Haats-Poupore, Alex Bopp
1997-1998 Jon Medure, Bill Roach, Mark Shubert, Jeff Struermer
1998-1999 Jeff Erickson, Ron Gervais, Tim Dillon, Doug Slosson
1999-2000 Tom Brozic, George McDowell, Jerry Strum, Jack Kurshoff, Bob Nylen
2000-2001 Jeff Laundergan, Tony Berarducci, Ron Gervais, Mark McLennan, Dave Running
2001-2002 Jeff Laundergan, Tony Berarducci, Andy Jukich, Brad Jensen
2002-2003 Ross Litman, Mike Olson, Bill Roach, Mark Shubert
2003-2004 Seppo Sormunen, Jeff Ritchie, Dave Bopp, Chris Plys, Don Lemmerman
2004-2005 Dan Peterson, Sam Perrella III, Frank Mertz, Philipe’ Disalvo, Kevin Stevens
2005-2006 Seppo Sormunen, Jeff Ritchie, Dave Bopp, Don Lemmerman, Mike Huska, Jim Randall
2006-2007 Ross Litman, Phil Drobnick, Mike Olson, Bob Johanson, Bill Roach
2007-2008 Tom Brozic, Jess Brozic, Connor Mcleod, Cameron Fryer and Phillipe DeSalvo
2008-2009 Jeff Ritchie, Phil DeVore, Jeff Heikkila, Hudson Turner, and Seppo Sormunen
2009-2010 Seppo Sormunen, Jeff Ritchie, Mike Huska, Hudson Turner and Jess Brozic
2010-2011 Jess Brozic, Tom Brozic, Filipe’ Disalvo, Reid Johnson
2011-2012 Phil Devore, Jeff RItchie, Seppo Sormunen, Jeff Heikkila, Roger Hendrickson
2012-2013 John Shuster, Dustin Tomasetti, Noah Fiskness, Jason Kraus, Eric Beste
2013-2014 Tyler George, Darren Vogt, Paul Wojciak, Tony Trenberth, and Andy Rootes
2014-2015 Ross Litman, Sam Harms, Mike Robb, Brian Giorgi, Bill Evans, Dave Johnson
2015-2016 Jim Parmeter, John Parmeter, Bob Johnson, John Bucsko, Jeff Knepper
2016-2017 Tyler George, Tony Trenberth, Darren Vogt, Paul Wojciak, Andy Rootes
2017-2018 Tyler George, Tony Trenberth, Darren Vogt, Paul Wojciak, Andy Rootes, Joe Bugliosi
2018-2019 Ryan Mellinger, Daniel Plys, Jake Mellinger, Jeff Brandon

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